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Unpickable, Unbreakable Lock

Amazing but true... our lock can’t be cut or smashed, and is even BULLETPROOF!

Unpickable, Unbreakable LockWorry no more about thieves breaking into your property! This is TED Tooling's Unpickable, Unbreakable Lock, the ideal alternative to regular locks. Our lock is designed to withstand punishment from any tool a thief can use, including sledgehammers, torches, grinders, or anything else. The lock is made out of the best industrial grade stainless steel and is 62 Rockwell hardness. The streamlined design is also visually attractive compared with other locks. It is ideal for corporate or government facilities, shipping containers, and warehouses, or any other area that contains high value items and/or has a high security risk. In fact, we would go so far as to say that our lock is the only one on the market that offers the adequate protection needed to protect the most valuable property.

Using never before seen technology, it is purely mechanical only and is the only patented lock to use the new innovation of a bolt with a key. Each lock can only be opened by its unique corresponding key. The key uses a high powered magnet and customized pins engineered to open or close the bolt. No other key in the world uses the unique technology to open the lock, meaning that it is IMPOSSIBLE to open the bolt without this key. This makes it superior to any lock that uses a regular key. There’s nothing else like it.

Let’s face it, most locks are designed only to offer the appearance of protection. This isn’t fair to their customers because many laypeople will simply assume that a lock is a lock and that all locks are created equal. However, design matters because thieves know how to break other locks while with TED’s Unbreakable, Unpickable Lock offers a challenge that thieves won’t be willing to take on. Remember: thieves will always look for the easiest target. Thieves are familiar with the weaknesses of conventional locks and are already prepared to open them. The technology used to open locks has outpaced the technology used to make locks, making most locks on the market obsolete. An inferior lock will put your property at risk: the more valuable the property, the greater the risk. Instead of spending less for a lock you know can be broken or picked using the most simple tools, why not buy one that you know can’t be broken or picked by the best tools?

You can buy either the straight lock or the shackle lock, both are high-performance. Due to the quality of the materials and the amount of effort and craftsmanship involved in making our lock we are pricing it at $400. Think of our lock as an investment in your property. $400 isn’t much if you have the peace of mind that tens of thousands of dollars or more worth of property is protected from thieves’ state of the art tools.

Because the design is so unique we are including a step-by-step instruction manual so that you will know exactly how to operate the key and open and close the bolt. We are so confident in the quality of our product that every lock comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. We also offer FREE shipping to our customers! If you like what you’ve seen and believe that our lock can keep thieves from getting into your valuables, please click the green button below in order to buy one (or more!). But you’ll have to be quick because supply is limited. The demand is so high we simply can’t keep them in stock for long!

If you are a procurement manager or someone else involved in making purchasing decisions for your organization and you would like to speak with someone about our Unpickable, Unbreakable Lock please call us at (702)-577-2353.


Click Jaws

Yes, "Click Jaws". They just click in or click out while maintaining a .0002" accuracy! Is there anything faster than that? These soft jaws are fully customizable, so use them for different jobs and save time on change-overs.
The Video at right shows just how fast you can change out your soft jaws. Once you install "Master Jaws" on your standard Kurt Vice, you are ready to rapidly change out your "Click Jaws". We show you this product first, because it illustrates how we have reduced the problem down to it's simplest form.
Eddy Engbar has applied this model to all of our products. FAST AND SIMPLE CHANGE-OVERS. In this package you will receive 2 of the aluminum Click Jaws

Price $49 (1 set of Click Jaws)

Watch how we change a set of soft jaws in less than 30 seconds!

Master Jaws (for Kurt Vice Standard)

Click Jaws

The "Master Jaws" (1 set) are mounted to your Kurt Vise, and are then ready to receive the "Click Jaws" (sold separately). Master jaws are easy to install on your standard Kurt Vise, and will replace the jaws that came with the vise. Only one Master Jaw set is needed per vise. If you notice, the master jaws have a center pin and two spring loaded pins that self center the soft jaws when coupled. These three points of connection allow for the precise accuracy customers expect from TED Tooling.
The picture at right, shows one click jaw and one master jaw. In this package you will receive 2 of the steel Master Jaws

Price $149

Base Pallet

Ted Tooling Base Pallet

The base pallet is a receiver for a multiple pallet system. This standard base receives the Plain Pallet, Grid Pallet, or Slotted Pallet for rapid, less than 2 minute change overs, while maintaining a .0002" accuracy. Simply remove the single front screw, slide the pallet into position, and replace the single screw. The loaded pallet is now held in position at four different points, making this pallet system both fast, accurate and secure. High rigidity for heavy duty machining, and has a Rockwell hardness of 62. Dimensions are 10" x 14" x 1.25"

Price $1,499

Change out any pallet with ONE SCREW !

Plain Pallet

Ted Tooling Base Pallet

The Plain Pallet is machinable, 7075 grade aluminum, customizable to accept any clamping fixture or tool. When you customize the mounting points, you can expect fast, under 2 minute change overs, while maintaining a .0002" accuracy. High rigidity for heavy duty machining. Dimensions are 12" x 15" x 1.5" (Shown here, the plain pallet is quick connected to the base pallet - sold separately)

Price $599

Grid Pallet

Ted Tooling Base Pallet

The Grid Pallet is universal and ready to accept any clamping fixture or tool. This grid has 1/2" x 13 threads per inch mounting points, spaced 2" apart. You can expect fast, less than 2 minute change overs, while maintaining a .0002" accuracy. High rigidity for heavy duty machining and made from 7075 grade aluminum. Dimensions are 12" x 15" x 1.5"

Price $1,199

Your "Work Zero" (program zero) is preserved between changeovers !

Serrated Pallet

Serrated Pallet

The "Serrated Pallet" is a slotted and serrated pallet that accepts various tooling or work-holding elements. The serrations are like small teeth that align and hold a tool for fast, secure locking to the pallet. You can expect fast, under 2 minute change overs, while maintaining a .0002" accuracy. High rigidity for heavy duty machining and made from 7075 grade aluminum. Dimensions are 12" x 15" x 1.5" (base pallet sold separately)

Price $1,499

Multi Vise

Ted Tooling - Multi Vise

The Multi Vise is able to hold many items at one time and includes the Serrated Pallet and minimum set-up. This option must be customized to your needs.

Please Call 702-577-2353 for pricing

Mounting Plate

Ted Tooling - Multi Vise

The "Mounting Plate" is the first item needed in the Ted Tooling Pallet System. All other Pallets mount to this. Shown here, a base pallet (sold separately) bolted to the mounting plate

Please Call 702-577-2353 for pricing

Load extra pallets between runs. Quick change out, hit start and you are up running.

Engbar Turret Animation
Work holding tool features:
  • Precision and Repeatability
  • Accurate to .0002"
  • Ridged and Heavy Duty
  • Highest Quality Materials
  • Customizable and Machinable
  • Lifetime Warranty
Our principal machinist / engineer Eddy Engibarian, has many years of experience developing tooling and work-holding systems for machine shops around the world. Eddy is a specialist in mass production and fast change-overs and is well known in the industry. Quality and perfection is our rule. Thank you for your interest in TED Tooling
Eddy Engbar

When you call, you'll speak with a live, competent expert in work holding and quick change tooling.

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